Protocol Components

1. Developer Profiles
Developer Profiles with an associated wallet are required for the app store to index and list applications. Profiles may be stored off-chain to avoid sacrificing UX.
2. Installable Web3 Apps
The Thred Protocol allows for easy installation of apps onto wallets. By installing apps, customers are able to add increased functionality to their wallets and smart contracts.
3. Thred Verification System
Apps can optionally be stored off-chain to remove unnecessary gas fees when listing and to make retrieval simpler.
When listing, apps are signed and encrypted by the developer's wallet with a resulting TVS signature. The TVS signature must be stored securely.
4. Installing Apps
When customers install an application, the stored Object containing the TVS signature of the app is passed to the Thred Protocol, where it is decrypted and verified on-chain. If the signature is authentic, the app is successfully installed onto the target wallet.